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February 28, 2011:
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Bill Goodykoontz of the Arizona Republic gives the movie 1.5 stars out of 5. In another interesting coincidence, Bill Goodykoontz drank a beer (OK, technically it was a Fat Tire Amber Ale) in my apartment back in 1998 when he interviewed me and my friends before he was flown (we drove from Phoenix) to a competition in Austin Texas, where he subsequently left my name and the name of another team member (there were 4 of us) out of his story and concentrated on the disgraced Boston Globe columnist who was also there. Now he's famous and I write cheap little websites.


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Many movies are are coming out, and they all vary in quality.

2012 Movie Review - Five Stars

(Even Though We Haven't Actually Seen It Yet!)

2012movie.org is giving a preliminary 5 stars to the John Cusack Version of 2012, based on the trailer alone.

How can we review a movie we haven't even seen yet? For one thing, the reaction to the film trailer is immense! Have you ever seen a guy drive a limo down a street that is falling apart, and through buildings that are falling down? Most disaster movies just destroy a few buildings, but the new 2012 movie pretty much wrecks the whole world, and drowns the Himalayas in a huge Tsunami! Where else can you get such action? I challenge any movie critic to come up with a better review for a movie he or she hasn't seen! On the basis of the film trailer, there is no way this movie can't get at least five stars, as long as the same scenes are in the film. You may want to note that our scale goes up to a hundred, so a preliminary rating of 5 stars may go much higher after we see the movie, but there is no way an action packed thrill ride like 2012 deserves less than five stars out of a hundred. If I had opposable thumbs, you can bet they'd be pointed in a skyward direction!

 See the MSNBC Review (Spoiler: They Don't Like It)

Miami Herald: 2 Stars

Notes and Special Information

Special note: This review is kind of a parody until we actually see the 2012 movie, but you'd think that the owners of 2012movie.org at least deserve a few advance tickets for all the 2012 movies that they're writing about.